Eco Glorious seeks to inspire thoughtful consumers.  We want to raise awareness in how our purchases affect the environment.  We offer unique products that are all made with natural, sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
The products that we make available to consumers will help spark a movement.  Eco Glorious will be known for our efforts to change the way mankind views and treats the planet by working to expand our reach.  We will collaborate with various organizations to offer complimentary eco-friendly alternatives for normal day to day tasks, including bicycles to replace cars for our daily commutes, and bicycle-only roads to compliment   the effort that we all human share the responsibility. 
About Us:

We offer wholesale and retail home goods with green heart. Products made with natural materials. High definition photo imprints for wall décor, unique accent pillows, clothes for Women and men, gifts and more.

We are a company that believes in the preservation of our planet’s ecosystem. This is how this company got its green heart. I become a photographer 15 years ago; I was on one of my assignments in the state of Washington taking pictures of the famous Mount Rainier. Spring, July 2014. My husband and I were at the edge of Reflection Lake at 7:30 am. The forest and the Mountain were covered by low, fast moving clouds. They were changing every second, uncovering the top part of the Mountain and the glorious forest behind a narrow road where we were standing. We were waiting for the right moment to take the fantastic photo. The car was parked a scary 200 feet from us. My husband needed to get something from the car and began to walk. I was admiring the fast changing low clouds when suddenly I heard behind me across the narrow road, a “Haaaawuuu” only once and loud. I startled and a cold chill ran down my spine and all the way down to my toes, and electrical charges radiated to my extremities. I turned my body toward the sound. I was sure the wolf could see me, but I saw nothing. “I got the message”. I was the Intruder. All this happened in seconds. When my husband returned, I asked if he heard the wolf. He answered that he had not heard a sound. Since then, I respect animals…more than like them. And my heart is urging me to do something.

So Eco Glorious was born. There in the forest, for all of us.